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The Shattered Ceiling Corp.
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Women's Advancement:
If you found your way here, you are likely an female business owner or leader, a visionary change-maker, perhaps  with a social-enterprise focus - who is empowering her team with authenticity and heart - and is seeking support during significant growth and change...  Welcome!

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Simply put: It works!
Specialized Coaching Expertise:

*  Career Visioning (clarity, focus, goals)
*  Powerful language (confidence, presence, influence)
*  Leadership (employee engagement for high performance) 
*  Women's Advancement (owners, leaders, teams)
*  Emotional Intelligence (enhanced social relations)

Why invest in Coaching?
Engaged Employees
Career & Work-Life Balance
Agile Leadership
Make the transition - from being "frustrated to fulfilled!"
For Professional Women:
For Women Leaders:
For Women Entrepreneurs: